• To establish an open transparency that reflects the challenges of future sustainability

  • To preserve the integrity of the district and each town within it

  • To assist in making decisions based on the principles of sustainability

  • To redress existing state laws & understand why we have new laws that contradict old ones.  Laws cost the taxpayers money

  • To slow the growth of state government that is a financial burden to the NH taxpayer


Regina is aware of the issues facing communities here in seacoast NH; water supply and quality issues, affordable housing, increasing property valuations for middle class property owners & taxpayers, small business owners, and year round and seasonal renters and visitors in our beloved communities.  Regina understands the importance of sustaining the characteristics of our individual communities and will fight for less NOT more government control in Concord. “One size fits all” policies are not good for our NH advantage in Regina’s view.


Regina is a public servant to her constituents, that is always the number one priority of an elected official Regina would argue.  Regina is a known problem solver & her decision-making capabilities and good judgment will be used for the benefit of NH taxpayers if elected to represent NH Senate District 24 (Seabrook, Hampton Falls, Kensington, Hampton, North Hampton, Rye, New Castle, Greenland, Stratham, Newton, & South Hampton.)


  • 2017 National Water Innovation Alliance Foundation (WIAF) Conference - Guest speaker on the Agenda "Crumbling Infrastructure"

  • 2018 New England Water Works (NEWWA) Annual Meeting

  • 2018 New Hampshire Municipal Association (NHMA) Annual Meeting

  • 2019 New England Water Works (NEWWA) Annual Meeting - spoke briefly

  • 2019 New Hampshire Municipal Association  (NHMA) Annual Meeting

  • Several NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) public hearings




Regina M. Barnes was born in Cambridge, MA subsequently relocating to Hampton, NH at a very young age.  Regina had the great opportunity to go to school and grow up in the seacoast bedroom community of Hampton,  NH and has, for most of her life enjoyed living, working, and serving her community on the seacoast.  


After undergraduate school, Regina worked as a legal assistant to the Law Firm of Murphy, Michaels, & Sullivan in Boston.  It did not take long for her to realize that she desperately missed managing hospitality businesses back home on the seacoast.  After less than a year, Regina returned to front-end management of Hampton Beach seasonal restaurants back in her hometown.  


In 2007, Regina became a staff auditor/accountant for the CPA firm of Shatswell, MacLeod & Company in Peabody, MA.  At Shatswell, Regina was responsible for reviewing and/or preparing financial statements and Security & Exchange Commission’s (SEC) annual & quarterly filings for a large and diversified sample of community banks, public & private, throughout New England.  


In 2016, as a complete political outsider, Regina ran a grassroots campaign for the Hampton Board of Selectmen, she was awarded the seat in March of 2016 and is now in her second term.  Regina’s agenda at that time was simple, it was sustainability. Regina’s agenda for Concord will be the same. Regina believes in fiscal conservative values, fiscal responsibility & accountability, socially moderate policies, and representation not regulation of the granite state resident and taxpayer.  Regina believes in accountability, she also believes that lawmakers should be aware of all laws that already exist & be subject to the obedience of any laws that they create.  


Regina will hold true to her values in all aspects of state government and will be there to serve and represent her constituents as she has proven at the selectman’s level.  She will be your voice in Concord as she has been a voice in Hampton. Regina Barnes will use common sense, logic, and transparency when elected.





Regina Barnes, as an individual, is an above average 42 year old woman.  Regina has and will always be her own self, she has definitely taken the road less traveled and it has brought her experiences that most can only dream of.  Today, her mind and her gut are encouraging her to take the next step up in NH state politics. As a selectman, Regina has determined that politics is a large part of her current existence, to Regina, politics IS life.   As a selectman, Regina has come to realize that her infatuation with politics is for a good reason, now it is time to take the next step, a worthwhile step for NH sustainability. 2020 is the year that the Republican party wins the state back, not because republicans are better people, but rather because of their better policies.  Red policies are more sustainable than blue ones; less spending, less tax, less regulation as opposed to deficit spending, income & sales tax, and bureaucratic & regulation suffocation.  


Some may argue that “regulations” are necessary; that statement is partially true; however, too much of anything is never worth it, especially for the taxpayer and their wallet.  For example, let us look at what happened after the financial crisis of 2007-2008. The market crashed because loans were being made by senior lenders that were not following proper due diligence procedures, to oversimplify the circumstance.  In 2010, Congress passed Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Dodd Frank Act to “regulate” the supposed “unregulated.” However, this 2010 act was written in a way that made it next to impossible for smaller, community banks (public & private) to survive.  Regina was a bank auditor at this time and saw the effects of the regulation, her firm lost clients who either had to sell out, fold, or merge with a bigger financial corporation. Some would state that lack of regulation by the republicans led up to the crisis in 2007-2008, Regina would argue otherwise.  What inevitably led to the financial crisis was something that occurred under the Clinton Administration, the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act in 1999, this 1933 act separated investment banking from retail banking, Dodd Frank does not. The 1933 act was a response to the stock market crash of 1929. Repeal of the 1933 act is what caused the 2007-2008 crisis, in Regina’s view.





Regina will be a candidate by the people & for the people, that is the way the government was meant to be.  Today, she would argue that it has become something else, something less desirable. As a selectman, Regina realizes that the public does not respond well when a candidate’s attempt at winning means to speak badly and/or talk down of his/her opponent(s.)  Negativity is repulsive to the voter and Regina understands that and would prefer to remain positive, simply state what makes MORE sense in her view as opposed to her opponent(s) and let the public respond and decide. Her mindset is always looking out for the best interest of the majority of the hardworking NH resident and taxpayer.  


Regina also realizes that change is mandated in Concord, much like Hampton, there are interest groups who only seem to congregate with each other and not with the majority.  Unfortunately, these interests have the most money and most lobbying power. Regina truly believes, based on her experiences as a selectman, to a town with a population of approximately 15,000, that the public is the largest and most powerful interest group of them all.  With public support anything is possible and without it, nothing is worth fighting for. Regina asks for your support to become your elected representative and conduit to Concord for senate district 24. 2020 is the time to take the seacoast back & claim a seat & vote for its majority up in Concord!





Sacred Heart Catholic School - Hampton, NH 1992

Winnacunnet High School - Hampton, NH 1996

Boston University - Boston, MA 2000

  • Bachelors of Science - Political Science & International Relations

Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH 2019

  • Masters in Business Administration - Created a Business Plan for a Regional Desalination Plant on the NH seacoast to address & solve water quality & water supply issues in the state



  • Taking a respite from creating new laws

  • Advocate of Liberty and local control

  • Advocate for a balanced budget

  • Advocate for state investment in overdue municipal infrastructure improvements

  • Advocate to additional revenue sharing appropriations back to municipalities

  • Advocate to less government

  • Advocate to the repeal of any law, rule or regulation that contradicts the powers given to the legislature in accordance with the state constitution.

  • Opposed to additional government programs and expansion of existing departments

  • Opposed to building structural deficits in Concord

Regina Barnes


P.O. Box 721
Hampton, NH 03843