Apr 26, 2019

Subject: Time for change & transition for the Republican Party in 2020

Dear editor,

NH has a great governor, he is the only shield we have from becoming a socialist state. So how do we get more to vote red?

There is talk about trying to grab hold of conservative independents & democrats, reach out to those who are socially moderate. This will never happen unless the GOP as an entire body expands their tunnel vision. Personally, I talk to and relate with at least a dozen of those people a day & Trump talks to millions of them daily.

Fiscal Conservative and socially moderate, less government, less regulation, less tax, and hands off is how to win 2020. In my view, the problem is that the GOP as a party, besides Trump, is hardly ever moderate or hands off.

Our state especially has become devoured by the bureaucrats, most taxpayers dislike irrational spending and government suffocation. Red must TALK & ACT on that type of platform, if not, we will lose again. We must expand our voters or will simply not have enough tallies. Trump will, but more states will be lost. Pro Gun and Pro Life, while important, simply does not reach enough of a constituency.

The NH state committee met in January 2019, the NHGOP bylaws were discussed, I would argue nothing was refined, therefore it is groundhog day for the party. Will the state committee refine the NHGOP platform next spring? As it stands now, I do not have high hopes.

It's time for bold transformation here in NH. Moderate conservative candidates are necessary to win it back, in my view.

Regina M. Barnes

Hampton, NH

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Regina Barnes


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