February 16, 2019

Subject: Second Amendment


Something has to be done here fellow Americans. We have children getting shot in schools where they are supposed to be safe, WTF. It has been going on for far too long. How it can be stopped is fairly simple, but it is bold and non political therefore never done or pursued in my view.

Banning guns, will not accomplish the problem, that is like suggesting because we have laws they do not get broken, NAIVE!! Added to that, most Americans who carry a gun, have it as protection for either themselves or their loved ones, and it's a right we have as Americans, an amendment right not a made up one. I would bet people would shit their pants if the realization of how many carry guns and DO NOT shoot others up. The problem is enforcement, protection and surveillance. Armed officers and military in schools needs to happen and it needs to be federal law. Usually I am not for DC ordering what needs to be done at a local level, but for the safety and sake of America's future generations I will make the exception. Regardless of the comments I will receive after stating this, here it goes:

This can easily be accomplished today, my hometown's school boards have already discussed and decided for the safety of their schools. This decision has been supported by the public majority.

Next we will have to begin AGAIN enforcing our immigration laws, we will need extreme border control, to enforce laws and to stop opioids and other extremely bad narcotics from reaching American children. Any goddamn elected official we have at the state or national level who cannot see that behind all the political propaganda they constantly sell, then they need to be voted the F out.

Sorry to start my day like this, but watching the news cover this over and over when, in my view, it could have been prevented if we acted like the government we were supposed to be.

Let the DC administration determine how this nation can be safe again. Please support all military and police, they deal with a lot of crap we will never have to see, but without the nations support their already difficult jobs are made much harder. Armed officers and military in schools, teachers too if they are willing needs to happen, retired officers and military if they are interested would be a huge benefit to communities all over the nation.

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Regina Barnes


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