Hampton Beach "leaders."

Hampton Beach "leaders." Besides our Hampton police chief, who per usual is doing the best to enforce the "law", I would argue these other mentioned leaders are alienating many property owners & taxpayers here in Hampton by the "beach sand & sea rules." We are adults and we are in America living in the #livefreeordie state, these are not just words to many granite staters. Perhaps if either Dr. Sherman or Mr. Nyhan were from here or grew up here, or even lived/owned property, and/or worked at the beach, then they would better understand. This is a huge overreach of power and will have a negative affect to residents & business owners in this town! Residents and business owners that pay for their real estate by the coast.

As far as Dr. Tom Sherman, he maybe an excellent Doctor, but an elected leader, I would argue not. The elected are not placed there to regulate the law abiding citizen and taxpayer, they are there to serve. The government is not meant to practice medicine on tax payers, but rather to represent what the people want & NOT push for the socialist agenda, currently up in Concord, Dr. Tom Sherman. Stop regulating the taxpayers you are there to represent. Some of us locals have had it


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