Happy Saturday & Mother's Day Weekend

So, we have snow flurries here in seacoast NH, weird, & tomorrow is the day we celebrate mom's across the nation yet we cannot even take them out to dinner at a restaurant of their choice in OUR #livefreeordie state??? What is wrong with this picture? Control and Power by the deep state, it is nationwide, it is statewide, and in most cases it is local. I'm willing to bet, many involved with those that represent it may not even realize. I am hopeful that one day soon many will understand exactly what they have defended & it is pure evil. Those will realize that the ridiculed were the ones who had it right the entire time. The ridiculed are the warriors, they are the nation's leaders. So when will all the warriors unite as one force statewide and demand that the government is out of line? That is the real question. Until then, please remember that living in fear is not living, the inevitable can never be prevented, & the state government is not elected to run your life, or protect you through mandates, & it's completely unreasonable to accept. God gave you common sense to protect yourself. The virus is real, the virus was here in our nation, our state, our towns/cities much before the "elected" and MSM would speak of it. Why the delay? It was not on their agenda at that time (jan-feb), it is their only agenda now. The virus will be the rational to impose the socialist agenda in Concord. Politicians are never to be trusted, nice guys do not necessarily act based upon what is best for the majority, trust me I know. We need warriors in NH, not more politicians. And one last note about our country, enjoy the track below; listen & remember what we the people and this nation & this state are about.

Happy mother's day weekend, #staystrong, and remember how much we the #livefreeordie, remember the NH advantage 🇺🇸💪


Regina Barnes


P.O. Box 721
Hampton, NH 03843