His Excellency, the Governor stated Friday May 22, 2020 at his 3pm Press Conference that the NH beaches will be “opened” June 1 wiith COVID-19 precautions such as no “sunbathing” on the beach or playing beach volleyball. Route 1A from O street north to A street will be shut down to traffic from June 1 - Labor Day Weekend. Peasant taxpayers and visitors may go for a swim, walk, or run on the beach, but sitting in a beach chair relaxing in the saltwater air and sun is NOT allowed. Last time I checked, we lived in America and in NH, the Live Free or Die state. These are just not words to many granite staters, in fact it is the way of life to most of us here in NH. Many statewide feel the same way. Some of us believe in our US and state constitutions, some even believe that most of what occurs in Concord nowadays goes far beyond the authority given to them to legislate by the state constitution.

The Governor and his advisors continuously remind us that “public health” is their number one concern. As an elect

ed individual selectman in Hampton, I would argue that the reasoning for all of the state government regulations and restrictions coming from the Governor in the form of Emergency Orders is not for our public health but rather to serve certain special interests groups both statewide and nationwide. Someone should ask Governor Sununu about suicide rates, depression & anxiety issues, sexual abuse & negligence, and increased mental health issues, opioid and alcohol abuse. Why are strong men and women I know, ages 30-65 informing me that they cannot continue to live in this Twilight Zone much longer? It does not seem that the Governor has taken their health into consideration by his orders. What does Governor Chris Sununu understand about the everyday hard working taxpayers of NH? How many has he spoke with?

As far as the pandemic stats here in NH, as of Friday May 22, the state of NH has had 3,652 COVID-19 infections, with about 5% resulting in death. Total cases represent 0.27% of the total state population. According to the NHHS weekly summary report for May 18, 134 deaths out of a total of 172, or 77.9% are associated with a long-term care facility. Where is the data to support not reopening completely? It is well past time for the NH economy to bet up and running. It is time for Concord to call it quits with their medical advice and soon to be medical mandates. Folks, this is no longer about a virus, it is about a political agenda to suffocate the middle class and the private sector. You cannot sit on a beach, however a crowded liquor store or grocery store is "safe?"

The Governor stated last Friday, May 15 that there has been almost $600 million in relief to NH. He also stated that $400 million will go toward small business loans (towards main street), and $60 million towards non profits, $460 million or 77.3% of the total amount. Municipalities and counties will receive $40 million or 6.7%. Why is there not more appropriated toward municipalities, the form of government that truly impacts the taxpayers and their wallets?

The NH state government does not seem to care about the everyday middle class hard working taxpayer. The NH state government does not seem to care about our individual rights as Americans and citizens of the live free or die state. The NH state government DOES care about how much federal funding they may obtain for their bipartisan special interests. The NH state government DOES care about how much power and control they can attempt to achieve over the residents and taxpayer in NH. The NH state government must be challenged. The only individuals who have the absolute power to challenge the NH state government are the citizens of the state. Remember, Concord is there to REPRESENT NOT REGULATE the taxpayer, now ask yourself, when was the last time that has happened? "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God." -Benjamin Franklin Regina Barnes Hampton, NH


Regina Barnes


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