Updated: Aug 4, 2020

So when do we have the pre-primary debates? Or let me guess, there are none. We have many important Republican primaries in 2020, the best republican candidate must be chosen.

In 2020, NH needs to rid itself of the status quo for just look where it has got us. New, independent, fighters are needed in Concord, end the government suffocation, & fight for liberties statewide. Professional politicians have put us here, I would argue, now is the time to break away from the norms that are destroying our state. The candidate for state senate district 24 must fight for all of that. Speaking out on just partisan ideals is no longer satisfactory to granite staters. There is one last chance here on the seacoast. Calling all Republicans and Undeclared to participate in the September 8th NH state primary!!!!

Think about future generations & most of all, think outside the box! We must fight the progressive agenda, individuals must be independent, swift, and transformational! #barnes4nh because we the #livefreeordie!

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Regina Barnes


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