State Senate is a Local Office



Dear Editor,

Dr. Tom Sherman spent well over $200,000 on his 2018 campaign, and we can guess where the money came from. Money in politics is what makes the game filthy. Speaking & relating with the everyday man and woman taxpayer in NH regularly is what is truly relevant for us to sustain our live free or die status, even when perhaps constituents do not agree. One can only hope as an elected official, & now candidate, that what is being considered at all levels of government will benefit the majority of constituents. Sadly I rarely see this occurring.

Sherman is not a local or native to NH and he asserts liberal, socialist ideologies in Concord. A state senator represents their constituents, & I would argue that it is and should be considered a local office. We are talking about a $200/year salary.

A weaker candidate will always have to rely on money to offset their faults I would argue, also, in my view that is why Republicans have lost the state in prior years. My campaign will rely on the voters of district 24 and my diligence to this great state and dedication to constituent services. Our President is the tone at the top and his agenda and policies must be mirrored in Concord for taxpayer sustainability. Cut laws, cut regulations, cut administrative rules, time to get back to the basics. Accountability and representation is mandated by those ELECTED to Concord, in my view. Representation NOT Regulation

Regina Barnes

Hampton, NH

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