Believe it or not, this is the truth. The shutdown was not for our "health & safety," it was for political agendas. The media and politicians lie, activists tell the truth, a truth that hurts. There is a cure already for this virus, there is no need for a vaccine. A vaccine will not work, professionals are stating that the virus has mutated hundreds of times already. Vaccines are just another political agenda, a bipartisan one. It is time we demand that hydroxychloroquine be used for treatment, forget about the vaccine!

Fear factors and mandates have been the two vehicles used by our state government to transform NH into a communistic state, and it is working! The "plandemic" is exactly that. There is a cure, a cure that the politicians do not want to admit exists.

Remember who was telling you the truth in the beginning, & taking a bit of heat for it. #barnes4nh will never back down, it will be open transparency with her constituents, always!

2020 it is time to break from the status quo and claim our government and our lives back! Represent NOT Regulate!

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Regina Barnes


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