Dear Task Force Committee Members,

Thank you for your work developing innovation ways and solutions for getting NH reopened in a safe but expedient manner. Without a robust and healthy economy our advantage is put at high risk, already many granite state taxpayers, including local businesses have suffered significantly over the past month and a half. In NH, small businesses make up roughly 80% of the economy. Currently, we have 80% of the economy either shut down or severely restricted in their operations here in the Live Free or Die state.

In my view, with more regulations, restrictions, and/or emergency order extensions or whatever you choose to call them; the harder it will be for our beloved NH economy to survive. I would also argue that if we can have procedures and restrictions placed on grocery stores and liquor stores, then why not on every business type here in NH? And why not now?

Please explain what factors were used to determine whether a business is "essential" or "non essential" A NH state owned liquor store is essential for state revenue, but a bar is non essential for a private citizen taxpayer's revenue? Why is it ok for non NH residents to shop at NH State Liquor Stores, Walmart, Market Basket, and Kohl's but it is not ok for them to walk on the beach, outside in the sun and by the salt water. Why do we appear to be on hold for testing and vaccines when there are several natural ways to stay healthy and boost your immune system? Why are these natural remedies never discussed at the press conferences?

It is time to begin the process of reopening in the very near future if we are to sustain our unique character as a state; if the effort needs to be regional, then I would argue regionally it is also time. The virus is real and has caused many deaths, but so does obesity, opioid abuse, mental health, cancer, diabetes, we do not shut down our economy for those causes of death? The question is, do we live in fear of all these things or do we just live everyday using our God given common sense to decide for ourselves what we can, should, and will do. The government does NOT have the right to take our rights away, we the people do have the right to practice our rights freely, even during a pandemic. For those who choose to quarantine, that is and should be only THEIR choice, not the state government's mandate. One's liberty does not end where someone else's fear begins.

Please start up the process to reopen the economy here in NH, safely but expediently. As far as tourist destinations, I will make a suggestion for Hampton Beach, as that is a familiar subject:

Leave all the parking lots closed, state and town. Private lots, ask if the owners will limit their capacity through June, in Hampton the board of selectmen could recommend to make all the side streets/town lots for local traffic only, perhaps? After speaking with Hampton TM Welch, closing off 1A seems impossible as it is a federal highway, so that idea would not work. Businesses need to be open, for their survival, their employees, their future, their tax dollars; the list goes on and on! Residents who pay tax dollars to live and/or have a business on the seacoast have the right to be able to enjoy their home and/or seasonal town at their leisure, not the government's!

When the legislature reconvenes ,the majority of the executive council, senate, & house hopefully will understand that budget & fund spending must be conservative for the foreseeable future, lessen regulations and administrative rules, cut unnecessary red tape and forget about additional bureaucracy and regulations. NH taxpayers do NOT want or need an income tax.

We are building a structural deficit here in NH, that is a huge risk to our state's advantage I would argue. It is time to stop printing money and reopen the economy nationwide, but NH sooner, please!

Regina Barnes

Hampton, NH

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