My entire life I have served at some level of hospitality (public service), as that has always been what made me feel fulfilled. I took time working at a law firm in downtown Boston directly after completing my undergraduate studies at Boston University and after less than a year I returned to front end hospitality here in Hampton, NH. Needless to say, my parents were less than thrilled. After a move back up from Florida in 2006, I

In 2016, as a complete political outsider, I ran a grassroots campaign for the Hampton Board of Selectmen and was awarded the seat in March of 2016, now I am in my second term. My agenda at that time was simple, it was sustainability. The agenda for Concord will be the same. A believer in fiscal conservative values, fiscal responsibility & accountability, socially moderate policies, and representation not regulation of the granite state resident and taxpayer. Someone who believes that lawmakers should be aware of all laws that already exist & be subject to the obedience of any laws that they create. Someone who believes in term-limits, less tax, more liberty, and more live free or die. The government is not there to regulate the taxpayer in every aspect of their lives, we are Americans, we always have a choice. The government is by the people FOR the people, the people have the right to put the government into check.

As far as the issues facing communities here in seacoast NH; water supply and quality, affordable housing, & increasing property valuations for middle class property owners & taxpayers, small business owners, and year round and seasonal renters and visitors in our beloved communities, just to name a few.

Let us briefly discuss water supply and quality:

Last fall I completed the Masters in Business Administration graduate program at Southern NH University. As a selectman and a graduate student I completed a business plan for a Regional Desalination Plant here on the NH seacoast, it will solve our water quality and supply issues, unfortunately I have been unable to get EverSource to really listen and understand the plan. As a state senator, the plan would be to try and sell it in Concord, first at the senate, then the house and eventually to the Governor. This plan would align with the 2018 Water Infrastructure Act signed into law by the Trump Administration in 2018. This plan, along with some eye opening by individuals that can make it happen, would solve water contamination issues at a much less cost to the taxpayer than any legislation currently presented in Concord, in my view. This is a NON partisan issue and should be able to get a majority vote. We already have existing resources here on the seacoast, a power plant (nuclear energy cuts the cost of desalination way down) the Atlantic ocean (seawater desalination, unlimited supply), and several wastewater treatment plants (reverse-osmosis can treat for PFAS contamination, a major concern here in NH.) It is a regional plan and that intimidates some, however, I would argue, that when it comes to clean water, it is worth the fight.

As a state senator, I will hold true to my values in all aspects of state government and will be there to serve and represent constituents, as has been proven at the selectman’s level. Elected to be your voice in Concord using common sense, logic, and most of all, transparency.


-To establish an open transparency that reflects the challenges of future sustainability

-To preserve the integrity of the district and each town within it

-To assist in making decisions based on the principles of sustainability

-To redress existing state laws & understand why we have new laws that contradict old ones. Laws cost the taxpayers money

-To slow the growth of state government that is a financial burden to the NH taxpayer

As a selectman, NH grown citizen, and candidate, I understand the importance of sustaining the characteristics of our individual communities and will fight for less NOT more government control in Concord. “One size fits all” policies are not good for our NH advantage.

A change is mandated in Concord, there are many interest groups who only seem to congregate with each other and not with the majority. Unfortunately, these interests have the most money and most lobbying power. I truly believe that with public support anything is possible, but without it, nothing is worth fighting for. I ask for your support as a grassroots activist in the September 8, 2020 primary, to become your elected representative and conduit to Concord for senate district 24. 2020 is the time to take the seacoast back & claim a seat & vote for its majority up in Concord!

REPRESENT NOT REGULATE #barnes4nh because we the #livefreeordie!


Regina Barnes


P.O. Box 721
Hampton, NH 03843